Delivering Customer focussed Managed IT Service to solve all your IT worries.

Purplepig ICT was set up in 1999 to provide businesses in the north of England with a complete solution to their IT Service Support requirements. The professional team pride themselves on the customer focussed service they provide.

"We often find companies come to us after struggling with their IT . Our greatest selling tool for our services is via word of mouth from our own customers . Once a customer is on board they really appreciate the lack of a Call Centre . There is nothing worse than being in a queue when all you want is a resolution to your issue so you can get on with your work . "
Gary Robinson| Technical Director | Purplepig ICT

A proactive preventative approach to IT systems management.

Purplepig ICT understand that effective, reliable IT support is not just about monitoring; that just lets you know something is wrong. And it is not just about remote access to your systems to troubleshoot issues. It is about a proactive preventative approach to IT systems management. This is the ethos central to Purplepig ICT that sets the service apart from other IT providers.

Microsoft Certified Team deliver a service built on best practice, knowledge and experience.

Purplepig ICT hold Microsoft certifification which is awarded by Microsoft only to technology suppliers with proven skills in providing the best quality of service and support tailored to smaller companies. The professional, Microsoft certified team, pride themselves on keeping up-to-date with technology to deliver the excellent advice and a high quality service built on best practice, knowledge and experience.

Hassle free IT service

Whilst IT technology becomes increasingly complex, Purplepig ICT deliver simple jargon free advice and ensure your company will benefit from the advancements in IT, in a hassle free manner.

"All my complicated PC systems are working well once again, thank goodness. It is most reassuring to know that when I dial your number you are going to pick up the handset and answer, and I am not left with some mindless electronic call centre designed to specifically distance me from the recipient. It must be upwards of ten years now that you have been looking after my computer systems and in all that time there has never been an occasion when you did not have a satisfactory solution. Thanks once again for your prompt professional services and helping to keep the business wheels turning. "
David Blenkinship| CEO | Cracks UK

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